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Are your woods termite resistant?

The most important aspect of termite avoidance is to ensure that your building’s perimeter has a termite barrier. Some wood may be called termite resistant, but in reality this will very often only be a surface treatment, and will not avoid termites from entering your premises.

Filtra Timber is partnering with Entom Pest control as the Philippines leading termite prevention company: http://www.entompestcontrol.com/MTLSZ/ and we highly recommend their services.

Some wood species are naturally much more resistant to termites as well as fungus and other decay, than others. Solid wood flooring will always be better protected than engineered flooring, where the non-visible part will often be of an inferior wood species. The most termite resistant wood species are among our bestselling floors: Teak, Merbau, Rosewood, Okan, and more.