plantation species, timber export from the philippines


From the Philippines it is mainly species such as plantation Mahogany (Khaya or Swietenia), Acacia Mangium, and Gmelina that is avaiable in commercial quantity, and widely used in the local market. For export our main species is Acacia, Mahogany and Teak. – Offered in flitches or sawn timber ad/kd.

imported hardwood | filtra timber trading


We import sawn timber from all over the world. Ash, Oak, Walnut, African Mahogany, Meranti, are among the most popular species, and mostly sold to the local furniture manufacturers. Sawn Beech from Europe is popular among kitchen cambinet producers.

softwood | filtra timber trading


Whether from North America, Russia, Europe, Chile or New Zeeland, we offer a range of species and qualities suitable for both construction, and furniture production. Softwood species such as Radiata pine, spruce, pine, fir, hemlock, Douglas Fir, and Western Red cedar are among the most in demand.