Solid Wood Flooring

Made from natural resources, solid wood flooring is the most environmentally friendly choice. Wood will last forever as long as we ensure sustainable forest management.

Wood is a common choice for flooring not only in the Philippines, but, all over the world. Wood flooring makes a home look warm and inviting. Not only do wood floors look beautiful in large quantities, they can be layered in rugs to create more intimate room arrangements. Wood floors are easy to maintain especially when treated with a durable finish. Sealed hardwood floors don’t require waxing and are protected from occasional water splashes.

Old wood can also be treated as a blank decorating canvas. Painting designs or patterns over them can make them look like new and contemporary.

Wood can be used as flooring for the following:

    • Hardwood Flooring
      Wood is long-lasting and can be refinished when needed. Natural wood complements the climate, it expands and contracts with climate changes. Hardwood floors are installed in planks or strips that show off the natural wood grain. Planks that are wider when installed resemble antique wood floors and make the area look homier.


  • Basketball Flooring
    The playing surface for the sport basketball is called a basketball court. It is a rectangular floor with a tile at either end. In professional or organized basketball, especially when played indoors, the basketball flooring is made out of wood and is highly polished. Wax is often used for polishing the hardwood flooring. Outdoor surfaces are generally made from standard paving materials like concrete and asphalt.Maple is most often the wood species of choice for basketball flooring because it has a shock-absorbing makeup that is more likely to reduce injury. Maple is also slicker and makes the ball bounce better. Maple has a variety of uses such as hardwood flooring for indoor rooms, sports equipment, and home furniture.