We offer European species such as Oak, Ash, Beech logs from sustainable forests all over Europe. We likewise offer Lenga logs from Chile, which is a plantation species with a more than 60 year plantation cycle. Lenga is an excellent substitute for Maple or Cherry. – Containerized loading.


One of the most popular choices of logs is plantation Eucalyptus logs. There are a number of different Eucalyptus species available. Kamarere from PNG is mostly used for milling of joinery works, while Grandis and Karri species are used for heavier construction, flooring, and decking. All species are excellent for furniture products.


From sustainable forest in Africa we can offer Sapelli, Okoume, Khaya and a number of other wood species for both sawmilling and plywood. From PNG we offer a number of sinker or floater logs species, suitable for plywood production as well as sawmilling.